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Your lifestyle includes a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and a balanced sense of well-being. Yet intolerances and allergies still dominate your everyday life?

The reason for your discomfort is in the details - triggered by poor nutrition, intolerances, undiscovered moulds or a lack of important vital substances.

Consequential complaints can manifest themselves in migraine attacks, skin eczema, insomnia, lack of concentration or rheumatic symptoms. 


Our reliable test options and clear analysis modules are the first step towards successful treatment. 


A blood test lays the foundation for your new well-being. Thanks to HIR's computerised analysis process, the original sources of problems in your bloodstream can be detected and treated. Early detection and treatment of allergies or intolerances not only improves your state of health, but also provides information about adjustments to your diet. Combined with the use of vital substance medicine, your entire immune system is reorganised from the ground up.


Get an overview of the cases in which the team at our centre can help you. Contact us if you have any questions and together we will find the way to a balanced, healthy feeling!


Trust us - we promote your health the natural way! 

The basis of our nutritional advice is a free preliminary consultation - in person at our centre or by telephone:


040.35 71 44 50


Please note: We cannot and do not want to replace the advice and treatment of your family doctor or specialist. Rather, we work hand in hand with the doctors who have been treating you to develop additional therapy recommendations for you on the basis of new test results.



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Office Management


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 Natural practitioner

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 B.Sc. Food and Nutrition


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Practice Physiotherapy Spiral Dynamics LLZ.


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Practice Physiotherapy Spiral Dynamics LLZ.


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Practice Physiotherapy Spiral Dynamics LLZ.

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